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Economy Drug has been nominated for Wisdom of Age category in the ninth annual Family Business owned Business Awards.

 The Ely Times

The ninth annual Family Business owned Business Awards will recognize family owned businesses throughout Nevada.  The program includes 30 finalists from Northern Nevada and 30 from Southern Nevada in 10 different categories. 

Economy Drug has been nominated in the Wisdom of Age category.   

Kelly Clark, special projects, public affairs coordinator for the U.S. Department of Agriculture said, “USDA Rural Development is so pleased. It was such a pleasure writing the nomination, your multi-generational commitment to Ely and its residents is inspiring to us all.” 

The business was established in 1946 by Dale Miller. Miller had two kids, Raymond and Margaret. Daughter Margaret finished college and joined Dale in the pharmacy as they worked alongside each other until Dale passed away in 2002.  

Margaret, who married Tom Bath, had three sons, Thomas, Andy and Paul. Margaret became one of the first female business owners in White Pine County.  

Margaret was the face of Economy Drug making everyone who walked through the door felt like a friend, not just a customer. 

Margaret’s three boys grew up knowing what a strong work ethic was about, and the life of owning a business. 

Their father Tom owns a business as well. It was said the boys would often joke that when they were out sick from school they didn’t get to lay around and watch TV, they were at the drug store curled up under the pharmacy counter laying down, because mom or dad missing work was not an option. 

Andy joined Margaret in the pharmacy after he graduated from pharmacy school in 2010. Andy enjoyed working alongside his mother learning everything she had to teach him. Margaret unfortunately passed in March of 2016. 

The entire family contributes in several different ways. Thomas is the architect for the store. He and his wife Jenni designed the state of the art pharmacy portion of the store. 

Paul, the youngest of the brothers, is always on standby for a phone call when something needs immediate attention. And, their father Tom is at the store every day checking in to see what needs to be done. 

April, Andy’s wife, is the office manager for the store, keeping the day to day operations running smoothly.  Andy and April have their two daughters actively involved as well. Jillian, eight years old, can be found trying to help with any job she can, mopping the floor, wiping down tables or shredding documents, and Evvan, age six, is the official Ice Cream taste tester.  

“We have some amazing employees that we consider family and they are the ones that keep our doors open to our customers every day,” April said. 

Andy has confined himself to serve the customers at Economy Drug in the same role his grandfather and mother did.

The awards will be presented in March.