The Ely Times

While several are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner or maybe a movie, the Ely City Council will be making decisions and approving items at this weeks city council meeting. 

One of the  agenda item’s listed for this week’s meeting is acknowledgment of Nevada Department of Taxation’s written approval of City of Ely’s $150,000 inter-fund loan from the Landfill Fund to City Attorney Services and Supplies.  

The letter from the Department of Taxation dated Jan. 15, ackowledges receipt of the request and outlines the loan.  

“Financing will be issues to pay for legal expenses. The term for the obligation is five years with an interest of approximately 3 percent. This rate will not exceed by more than that,” said Melanie Young, executive director of the Department of Taxation in the letter. 

Approval for a trap, neuter release program is on the agenda as well. A program that is being designed to help the population of feral cats in White Pine County reduced. Cats would  be trapped, spayed or neutered, and released back out into the community in several different cat colonies and monitored.  

The animal shelter may be getting a bit of a face lift soon. Councilwoman Jolene Gardyner is seeking approval from the council to have animal control officer Andrew Hayes obtain bids for a cover over the outside kennels.  

Once again, Maddie’s Pet Project continues to work cohesively with the animal shelter. Dave and Cheryl Duffield run  a private charitable foundation based in Lake Tahoe. 

In 2018, the three-year campaign has provided free adoptions for more than 2,500 pets, organized three free spay/neuter clinics, awarded more than $2.3 million in grants, and supported and advanced the missions of shelters and rescue groups across the state. 

Another Adoption Day event will be held in June. Although it is months away, the council will need to approve it, and it is another agenda item for Thursday nights meeting. 

Every adoption of a cat or dog is waived, and $300 is given to the City of Ely.