Submitted by Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

As I was reading the Utah news last week I came across an article related to a problem that they were having with items being stolen out of vehicles. The thieves were targeting parked cars that were being left in parking lots at local fitness centers. The article stated that the thieves knew that the vehicles would be left unattended while the operators of the vehicles were inside the fitness center exercising. Surveillance video had even caught the thief’s looking into the windows of the vehicles and then breaking the windows to remove property they wanted to steal. 

Even here in Ely we share some of the same problems with our neighboring state. Last week we had someone who had gained access to several unoccupied vehicles that were parked in front of the victim’s homes. Several items were stolen from these vehicles. So how do you prevent this from happening to you? 

Here are a few ideas. First off lock your car doors, never leave anything you consider valuable inside your car. If you do, don’t leave it in plain view. Cover it with a blanket or conceal it inside the glove box or other compartment inside the vehicle. This advice is also the same for trucks or other vehicles that have beds. Don’t leave your valued items inside your truck bed. That’s easy prey for those thieves wanting a quick steal. Remember thieves are opportunists. If they see it, they want it and they will try and take it. 

Taking a few simple precautions will save you a big headache latter on. Remember, lock, remove, cover or conceal. Take those necessary steps so you’re not the next victim.