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This home on Avenue A in McGill has been condemned after a fire on Friday, Feb. 8.

The Ely Times

The White Pine County Fire District has had a busy week, battling two more structure fires.  

On Thursday, Feb. 7, the Sheriffs dispatch alerted Stations 1 and 6 to a large chicken coop on fire on Fairview Lane.  

Chief Regan, OEM1 Gregory and Sheriff’s Deputies arrived to find a 20-by-15 chicken coop on fire, which was endangering a valuable stack of nearby hay.  

Tender 121 arrived with a crew of paid and volunteer firefighters and immediately began attacking the fire before it could spread. Lackawanna’s Engine 611 was also on scene as was Ambulance M-1.

There were no injuries and the fire was contained to the original structure. The next day, on Friday, Feb. 8, just after noon, Stations, 1, 2, 5 and 6 were alerted to a house fire on Avenue A in McGill.  

Upon arrival, the fire was already through the roof of the home. Firefighters worked quickly to stop the flames from damaging neighboring homes on either side of the fire building. 

Regan said, “The homeowner escaped unharmed.  The fire was fought for over three hours. Twenty-five firefighters responded to this incident as well as Mount Wheeler Power and the County Building Official, who condemned the structure.”