The White Pine High School Cheerleading team placed first at a recent competition.

This was the teams third year competing at the  Northern Nevada Cheer and Dance Invitational. Coach Kelly Sturgeon explained that this is the first year, the team received first place. There are two different competition categories, one being Small Varsity Co-Ed, and the other Game Day Routine.

The size of the school you come from doesn’t matter either way, the team competed against schools like Sparks, HUG High and Reed.

“Our team was starstruck at times seeing teams that had 50-60 teammates, although we had the largest stunt team consisting of 6 stunt men, and 26 cheerleaders that included JV and Varsity members.”

Sturgeon noted the team had been practicing for eight weeks prior to the competition.  The routines varied from three minutes, to two minutes, and one of the competitions called Game Day routine was based on illiciting participation from the crowd.  “Over 60 people from White Pine were at the competition.  It was a sight to see all our supporters. They were dressed in blue and white, some of their shirts said Bobcat Pride, you had a mix of mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts all cheering on this team.”   “Several of the coaches from other schools asked who is White Pine?” Sturgeon said.

Routines that combined dance with stunt building and tumbling, signs and props, fast paced pyramids, cheer teammates flipping up and down in the air, all while coordinating this rhythmic routine with 32 members.

And, just days before the competition the team had to reconfigure the whole team due to a few injuries.

Sturgeon, “I’m so proud of our kids, we didn’t have to teach them how to rally because they love their role so much”

Coach Michaela Marich, who assisted Sturgeon, choreographed every routine, even the words to the cheers.