To the editor:

Ely residents have a chance to vote for a new mayor in the April 2 primary election. It will be the most important vote we cast this year, because the mayor sets the tempo for our city government. That’s why I want to urge my fellow Ely citizens to do two things. First, register to vote. Second, vote for Nathan Robertson for mayor.

Nathan is a fifth-generation Ely resident who will bring energy and vitality to the mayor’s office at a time when those qualities are sorely needed. To bring new businesses to town, Ely must get its city finances in order and also reform its development and building codes. Nathan will make these difficult issues a priority. As a local business owner, Nathan understands from personal experience that the process to open a new business or build new housing in Ely is currently way too complicated and confusing. This discourages blight abatement and new investment in the community. Nathan aims to change that. It’s not a snazzy subject, but it is vital to a thriving community.

For the future of Ely, please choose Nathan Robertson for mayor.

Matt Weiser

Ely, Nev.

To the Editor:

I’m responding to three articles in the Ely Times.

Feb. 1, 2019 “Dare Challenge”, “Mine Makes Donation to Railway” (Pg. 1 & 2), “Kinross Mine Donates $50,000 to Railroad Challenge”.

Feb. 8, 2019 “Kinross Donates fund for purchase of Fire Fighter Protective Equipment to Ely Volunteer Fire Dept. (pg. 1 & 8A).

Feb. 8, 2019 (pg. 1 & 2) This article reports on a county commission meeting, I assume was held Jan. 23, 2019. There was an agenda item and vote on a resolution to augment the WPC Road Fund for $231,146.00 for repairs on Long Valley Road (WP03), from unanticipated revenues (Kinross Mine). I’m assuming WPC Road Dept. will furnish crews, equipment, fuel, etc. to complete the job.

Commissioner Bullis talked like it was WPC’s $200,000 that he thought should be spent on City streets. Mr. Bullis, you are a WHITE PINE COUNTY COMMISSIONER, perhaps you should have run for the Ely City Council to get your streets fixed! I would recommend that on future agenda items you do your homework before you admit that you know nothing about the item you’re about to vote on.

A few years ago a previous owner of that mine, for some reason, pulled the business it did in Ely and all donations and took them to Elko County.

There are many WPC residents working at that mine, who travel that road daily. The mines in WPC pay BIG BUCKS into local coffers, including net proceeds of mines


Thank you,

Cheryl Noriega