By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Unfortunately, sometime if your life you’re probably going to witness a crime, an accident or some type of incident that is going to classify you as a witness.  

So this Sheriff’s Corner I would like to provide you with a few suggestion to be the best witness possible. Witnesses can be a vital tool when it comes to an investigation. Their account of the facts that took place can assist Deputies in determining if a crime has occurred and who did it.

The first rule of being a good witness is to make sure you are safe, along with any other people in the immediate area. Stay calm and dial 911 to report the incident to the police dispatcher. The dispatcher is going to ask you some questions to help identify the services that are needed to respond. Try and stay on the phone with the dispatcher until the dispatcher advises you that she has the information needed. Sometimes the dispatcher might have you monitor or observe the situation and provide updates. The dispatcher might put you on hold so that they can dispatch the needed services to the incident and them come back to you later, so don’t hang up. If there is a person or persons involved in the incident try and get the best physical description possible. Such as are they a male or female. What is their ethnicity? Height, weight, hair color, description of clothing, and any other physical descriptions you notice. Is there a vehicle involved? Getting the license plate number would be great. The make, model or color would also be beneficial.  

Is there damage to the vehicle or does it have a particular bumper sticker or decal on it. All the information that the witness provides will surely assist the Sheriff’s Office in their investigation.  Remember your safety comes first! 

Don’t put yourself or others in danger. Second don’t be afraid to call the Sheriff’s Office. Crime Prevention is everyone’s responsibility – you are our extra eyes and ears on the street. With your help, we can keep our community safe