The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program, within the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, is excited to recognize Stan Harger of the Kokopelli ATV Club with its first-ever Trail Partner of the Year award.

As residents of Mesquite, Stan and his wife Patricia have many beloved OHV trails in Southern Nevada. The couple’s favorite OHV ride consists of two 90-mile routes which connect the town of Caliente and Mesquite. While out on the trail, however, Stan and Patricia were concerned about the lack of directional signage. With a strong background in Search and Rescue, Stan became personally committed to ensuring the best and safest possible off-road experiences for Nevada’s OHV enthusiasts.

In fall 2018, Stan championed a large-scale trail signage project in Clark and Lincoln Counties. He embarked on a personal mission to collaborate with all interested stakeholders and land managers to address safety and signage issues. In spring 2019, Stan and the Kokopelli Club received a $70,384 grant from the Nevada Commission on Off-highway Vehicles to fund trail signage at intersections along the routes between Mesquite and Caliente. A sizable undertaking, the project consists of approximately 300 miles of roads and trails to be marked with more than 500 Carsonite-type signs. Informational safety kiosks are being installed near the entrances of key travel routes, and online maps and GPS files will soon be available to the public on the Off-Road Nevada website, Stan and the Kokopelli ATV club hired Nevada Conservation Corps youth members to assist and they are working together to complete this exciting project.

“The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program is thrilled to recognize Stan as our Trail Partner of the Year,” said Jenny Scanland, Program Manager of the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicles Program. “I want to personally thank Stan for going above and beyond to ensure the public’s registration dollars are creating tomorrow’s off-road adventures in the Silver State.”

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