Submitted by Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO  

This last weekend I had the opportunity to teach a Hunters Education Course. The class was attended by youth and adults who participated in activities and lectures on fireman safety instruction for in the home and out in the field. Firearm safety is for everyone, even if you don’t own a gun. Chances are your child or teenager will be in a home where firearms are present. I believe that every parent or guardian should take a moment and speak to their children and teenagers about firearms and how to respect them. 

Here are a few rules about firearm safety that can be a part of that conversation and if followed will keep everyone safe. First, treat every gun as if it is loaded. By doing this you realize that you should never point it at anything you don’t want to shoot. Second, store ammunition away from the firearm. Keep it in separate room or storage facility. If possible lock the firearm in a gun safe or purchase a gun lock so that it is kept protected and out of reach of curious children and teenagers. Third, let your child know that if they do come across a situation where they observe someone messing around with a gun to leave that area immediately and inform a trusted adult. They can even call the Sheriff’s Office and let our dispatcher know what’s going on, so a deputy can respond and investigate the incident. Fourth, never let your teenagers or children use or possess a firearm without adult supervision. Following these simple rules of firearm safety could prevent a tragedy in our community. Remember, the power of education comes in all topics and education about firearm safety is one that should be shared with everyone.