To the Editor:

This August 2019 will be the 20th Anniversary of the Ely Renaissance Society’s work to honor our heritage through art and culture. ERS is excited about the investment that the NDOT will be making in our community through the main street project. We are still committed to enhancing our rich history and realize that we need long term planning and development plans from the City government. While strides have been made, we have an opportunity to enhance this direction with the upcoming election. Nathan Robertson would be the major who would carry this successfully forward as he has already demonstrated his commitment to the history and culture of Ely.

Whoever your choice is please remember to vote in the primary on April 2nd. Thank you for this consideration.

Virginia Terry,

ERS President

To the Editor:

Although there was much information provided in the ‘Background check Law passed by Assembly’ article, I would like to submit some additional facts.  

42 people testified in favor of SB 143, the Background Check law. Many of these were people from outside the State of Nevada.

Despite the fact that the Democrat supporters of SB 143 in the Nevada Legislature kept the impending combined Judiciary Committee hearing as quiet as possible to limit the number of those testifying in opposition to SB 143, word got out and 504 people showed up to speak against passage of this law.  These were Nevada grassroots citizens, not Republican members of the Legislature.  The Times article stated that the law passed with not one Republican vote, which suggested, incorrectly, that their votes were purely along partisan lines.  This was not the case.  The Republican members of the legislature had overwhelming public support for their votes.

The newly elected Democrats from Southern Nevada, up to and including the Governor and the Attorney General, were bought and paid for with generous campaign contributions from Michael Bloomberg and his ‘Every Town for Gun Safety’ anti-2A group.  One can only wonder to what extent Bloomberg propaganda influenced the 2018 mid term elections in Southern Nevada.  One might also wonder the same thing regarding the narrow passage of Question 1, the original background check initiative, in 2016.  This initiative passed statewide by a mere one-half of one percent.  It passed ONLY in Clark County.  It was defeated by a significant margin in all of Nevada’s rural counties and by a narrower margin in Washoe Co., which usually votes in lockstep with Clark Co. on such issues.

The Attorney representing Bloomberg’s ‘Every Town for Gun Safety’ group, whose name I have forgotten, was heard to say that what they wished to create was “a Culture of Compliance.”   What does such a culture look like?  Unquestioning obedience to every edict that comes down the pike from government?  I could comment further on what they can do with their ‘Culture of Compliance’ but in the interests of decency, I shall refrain.

Timothy McGowan

Lund, NV