The Nevada Small Business Development Center and Rural Nevada Development Corporation are hosting a free “Small Business START SMART” class on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 from 2:00 pm to 5:00pm.  It will be held at Great Basin College, 2115 Bobcat Dr., Room 107 .  This is a MUST for anyone looking for help in starting and growing a small business.  Interested parties can register at  Click on the training calendar.

Topics include:

•What a business owner MUST know

•Common pitfalls for business owners

•The compliance/legal issues of business

•How to understand financials

•The how-to’s of funding

•How to do market research

•Resources for the business owner

•Know how to develop a business plan

•Schedule free, follow-up counseling

This is a free of charge class to any current or aspiring business owners who might want to participate, they just need to go online and register.  Is there any way we can run this as a PSA or community announcement as it is free to the community?  Let me know what you think.