Shriners Hospital, for the people who don’t know what Shriners is, it is a Hospital for anyone who can’t afford any other hospitals, for people who have disabilities and illness. Shriners Hospital is willing to help anyone in need.

Lund K-12 picked Shriners because they think that Shriners has a lot of kids that come in everyday and they need their help to support them. To  support them they did a bunch of little things to raise money like,

 Student council boy cheerleaders, where you put money in one of their jars and the two who have the most have to cheer with the cheerleaders. 

Pie-In-The-Face, we got all the teachers and had a jar for each one and put money in the jar you want to have a pie in that teacher’s face.

50/50 Raffle, everyone in student council went around our community and sold tickets.  They drew a name out to see who the winner was and Annie Bennett was our winner.

Spaghetti dinner, we had the dinner on January 24th at the blue gym. We had spaghetti, salad, bread, and cookies. It was yummy.

On February 12 we did an assembly, where we watched the cheerleaders cheer and saw the teachers get the pie in the face. Our boy cheerleaders were Kasen Hardy, and Damien Blakley, for the teachers who got the pie in the face it was Heather Sabaitis,  and Cherie Reid. 

For the cheerleaders and pie in the face we got $101.01 and for the dinner $318.00 and the raffle  223.50, and all together we made $691.51. It was a success and we are excited to take the check to Shriners and help out kids in need.