Paul Holdaway
Students from the Learning Bridge Charter School in Ely received an opportunity to meet Gov. Steve Sisolak while touring the Capitol recently.

Special to The Ely Times

Students, parents and teachers of Learning Bridge Charter School traveled to Carson City to participate in the Charter School Days at the Capitol.

The students who attended raised money by volunteering at the Elks Crab Crack earlier in the month. The students did a fine job of serving crab and clearing tables and received tips for their trip.  

Julie Krch said, “Community involvement is one Learning Bridge’s goals.”

Billie Coleman, Paul Holdaway, Dan and Lisa Maestes and Warren and Julie Krch accompanied the students to Carson City for the two-days of Capitol activities. 

The purpose of the trip was to see how Nevada State Government works and to visit with Assemblyman John Ellison and Senator Pete Goicoechea.

Sarah Adler, a lobbyist for Charter Schools and the Charter Schools Association of Nevada(CSAN), had arranged a meeting with Gov. Steve Sisolak and Charter School Leaders from around the State.

When Sisolak became aware of the Learning Bridge students being in the building, students and chaperons were asked to join him and the Charter School State Leaders in a round-table discussion.

Gianna Sedlacek and Gunner McNutt had the honor to sit on the floor of the Senate with  Goicoechea. A brief history of the school was given by Goicoechea who also introduced the two students with him, followed by an introduction of the other Learning Bridge representatives sitting in the balcony. 

Students and chaperons met with Ellison in his office and discussed why they attend the Learning Bridge School.  

He gave each student a flag pin and expressed his gratitude for the students stopping by.  

Learning Bridge students also had a chance to meet with Goicoechea in his office. Students presented Goicoechea  with a plaque for his continued support of education in White Pine County.  

Another stop was a tour of the State Supreme Court, where the justice system was explained to the students.  

They all were able to sit in the judge’s chairs. The students were also invited to attended a CSAN (Charter School Association of Nevada) dinner to visit with many Senators, Assemblyman and Nevada Charter School Leaders.  

The adults and students from Learning Bridge made a great impression on Carson City. A trip that has definitely made a memorable moment in their lives.