In addition to the Centennial Fine Arts Center still making progress with repairs (1987-?), other items needed consideration before the Center could be usable for the advancement of the fine arts. Only four pews remained. No other seating was available. There was no heat – the furnace and registers had to be removed. The restrooms were not usable. The heat and the restrooms would require contractors.

The LDS pianos and organ had been moved for use at the new LDS Stake Center in East Ely. There was no audio-speaker system. Although the acoustics are superb, learning to talk on microphone and recordings is a fine art as well.

The Community Choir was still holding its rehearsals with organ and piano at the Church of the Nazarene. Choir performances were still being held at the Convention Center. 

All of these, as well as repairs, had to be acquired before the Center could become active: seating, musical instruments, music stands, speakers.

So how long before the Center could be open and usable? Sooner than might be expected. Continue with The Ely Times.