Chris Hanefeld
A gathering of more than 50 people came out in support of Alyahna Bliss, who died in January under suspicious circumstances.

Special to The Ely Times 

About 50 people showed up, children included, to a peaceful demonstration this past Saturday that focused on Justice for Alyahna Bliss, a 3 1/2 year old who died two months ago to suspicious circumstances.  

Several locals made signs with the child’s picture on the poster, many painted signs that said “Enough is Enough”, or “Justice For Alyahna”.  

T-shirts were made, and many we’re wearing them, and those who weren’t, were in a purple or pink shirt, what, used to be Alyahna’s favorite color. 

Many attendees didn’t even know the Bliss family but expressed how important it was to come out and show their support.  

“Today I got to meet Alyahna’s father for the first time,” Kailani Burton said. “I could feel his pain, my heart hurt and that is where I got my energy to stand up and fight for justice. I will keep fighting for him and his sweet angel.”

The protesters walked up and down the sidewalk on Aultman Street, chanting “justice” and “enough is enough.”

A group of young boys at the demonstration carried signs and chanting loudly.

Matt Bliss, the father of Alyahna, had several of his family members there with him as he walked alongside the  others carrying a sign.  Matt, speechless at times, as the support for him was very apparent. 

Cory Bliss, Matt’s brother, was very thankful for those who came out. 

“It was cold, but I thought it was very good, and getting Alyahna’s voice heard and her name seen was so important,” he said. “I am very thankful for the people who showed up and all who supported us by driving by and honking.”

Michele Hay-Gregersen, who has known Matt and his girlfriend Brandlynn Stotler several years prior to the incident, said, “I’m so proud of our little community for standing up for this precious little girl. I know this family has been has been battling with DCFS for a very long time. It infuriates me to know that Matt and Brandlynn did everything they could and this happened. I will be at every rally, sport every shirt, display posters, whatever it takes to see Justice for Alyahna.”

The case is still currently under investigation. Alyahna died on Jan. 9, and the mother, Maria Bliss, was arrested on Jan. 18 for a charge of child endangerment. 

The FBI is currently investigating the case. Once completed it, will be forwarded on to the U.S. Attorney’s office.  

Although the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office does not have jurisdiction over the case, they have been assisting the FBI.