The Ely Times

It is becoming very clear that a divide between urban and rural counties in Nevada on the recent passage of SB143.  

The White Pine County Commission meeting on Wednesday had several locals in attendance for an agenda item related to White Pine County becoming a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. 

Several people spoke during public comment, and at least three letters were read into the record from concerned citizens regarding their opposition to SB143. 

Bryant Barnson, an avid sportsman, said, “The background checks, they’re trying to shove down our throats, with that new law, just so everybody knows what it’s going to do, pretty much everybody in this room has a gun that their dad gave them, or their great grandfather gave them, well that’s not registered in your name. They can come to your  house and arrest you for having that gun. I’m not for it.”

Kathy Brumley added, “I agree with what has been said. Twenty percent of crimes committed by guns are committed by stolen guns, that’s not going to help and the background checks are not going to help, but we need to stand up as our 2nd amendment rights and not let Governor Sisolak tell us what to do. We have very little voice in this county and this is one way we can tell them what we want.”

Matt Roman, who is leading the White Pine County 2nd Amendment Sanctuary drive, spoke about the movement that started two weeks ago. “I have talked to the Elko County sheriff’s office, Carson, Nye and Eureka county are all on board as well.”

Other concerns that Roman spoke of were background checks becoming a  registry. “In 2020, if Sportsworld decides to do it, I will have to pay them a fee, they can hold the weapon for three days, and charge me sales tax,” Roman said. 

 Chairman of the Commission Richard Howe questioned what being a sanctuary city means?  We are 100 percent behind what the Governor did, and he’s going to beat us up for four years, we in this community and in all the rurals, we did not support this administration. 

“He can do whatever he wants as long as he’s got the votes, and he did that with this ruling. I’m all for signing a letter and becoming a sanctuary county, but I’m not going to tell the D.A. or the sheriff if they find something not to abide by the law.”

Distrtict Attorney Mike Wheable said, “The commission can vote on it, we have prepared a draft resolution.  It’s not on the agenda to approve the resolution, it’s on the agenda to either vote to either make a sanctuary county or not.

“This is worded in such a way that they understand our position on this.” 

Commissioner Shane Bybee took a bold stance by saying, “I would like to make a statement on this, 250 years ago, when this constitution was drafted, how important was it? That we stood up for it? 

“We had countless lives on the line in our military and our militias they were willing to stand and die for this document, and were worried they they might cut us a few bucks from the state? 

“This is our basic rights as Americans, I”m not going to bow down from that.”  

The crowd clapped and cheered.  Commissioners Steve Stork, and Travis Godon both agreed with Bybee’s statement. 

The commission voted unanimously.