The Ely Times

The City of Ely continues on its efforts to replace Robert Switzer’s position of city administrator. 

City Attorney Chuck Odgers said, “This has been a long process. To date I have received approximately 30 applications for city administrator. Of the 30, seven responded to the supplemental questionnaire. Three of them, meet the minimum qualifications. “

Odgers explained that the three most qualified applicants were from Arizona, Wisconsin and one from Nevada.

Mayor Melody VanCamp said, “So there’s three minimally qualified?”

Odgers said, “Yes,  they meet the minimum qualifications based on the job description.  I have little concern with moving forward on the city administrator. We advertised at $85,000 a year.  We’re in the $1,300-$1,400 of recruitment efforts via advertising.”

Odgers explained he was leaving it to the council for them to give him direction on whether to schedule interviews for the three.

“What is your take on it?” he said.

Approval was made unanimously to stop the recruitment process.

The next agenda item was to reorganize the city administrator into a city clerk and city treasurer position and the creation of a public works supervisor position, establishing salary ranges and method for recruitment.  

Odgers said, “I think the realization is you need to have someone do the public works position. I laid out the options, I think you need to create that public works position to relieve whomever is going to come into the city clerk position.“ 

After much discussion, councilman Kurt Carson said, “Things are flowing a lot better, things are getting done, not falling through the cracks anymore.

Odgers said, “If I can make a suggestion, decide whether or not you want a city clerk/treasurer, or city clerk/administrator. 

After much discussion on the options there were several votes taken that were all approved unanimously. One was to advertise locally for a treasurer, recruit in-house for a public works supervisor position, and choose one of the tree remaining applicants for the city clerk position.