To the Editor:

Hundreds of towns and cities all across America are realizing that recycling does not work and have suspended their recycling programs. “Recycling has been dysfunctional for a long time” said Mitch Hedlund, executive director for Recycle Across America, a non-profit organization.

So, why is Ely, recycling. It’s been proven that it doesn’t work and no matter what we do here in White Pine County, environmentally it won’t accomplish anything, except be a burden on tax payers!

Bert Woywood

To the Editor:

As I prepared to cast my vote for Ely’s first new mayor in four years, I wondered: What are the powers and responsibilities of our city’s mayor?

Nevada law gives a mayor special powers beyond those of other City Council members — and beyond those of a small-city mayor in many other states.

A Nevada mayor is not merely a figurehead, but is legally recognized as the “chief executive” of their city. This means the mayor has a duty to supervise the general affairs of the city. This includes ensuring all laws and ordinances are observed and enforced, and all contracts are followed and performed. If not, the mayor has the power to bring legal action to defend the city or enforce a contract.

Of course, the mayor also oversees City Council meetings, including providing reports and recommendations to the council. The mayor does not vote on matters before the council, except to break a tie. However, a Nevada mayor has the power to veto any City Council decision (although five out of seven council members can override a mayor’s veto).

With all this in mind, why am I casting my vote for Nathan Robertson in the April 2 primary election?

Nathan has a clear, strategic and long-term vision for Ely’s future. He knows how to simultaneously keep that vision in mind, and guide the City Council towards it, while listening to citizens’ needs and concerns. He understands and respects the region’s past, and is not beholden to it.

Nathan is level-headed, open to new ideas, realistic, honest, intelligent and holds a deep affection for his home. He will work toward a fiscally sound city government. With a background in development and business, he knows how to update and simplify development rules to stimulate downtown revitalization, while also preserving Ely’s unique character. He aims to welcome new business and foster a diverse local economy.

Please vote for Nathan Robertson on April 2. See you at the polls!

Alexa Mergen

Ely, Nevada