MedX AirOne is unique in the business model and has a determination to affect the industry starting with a commitment to their service communities. “No permanent resident of Elko, Humboldt, Pershing, Eureka, White Pine or Lander Counties will pay out-of-pocket expenses for transport onboard MexX AirOne aircraft.”

As everyone is aware thee is much confusion concerning air medical transport; however, MedX AirOne’s goal is to place the patient at the forefront of air medical transport and remove confusion. This focus includes the overwhelming billings that can occur in a moment of tragedy or severe illness.

MedX AirOne believes air medical operators should be an in-Network provider …the myth that insurance will not negotiate with private air ambulance providers is a myth and our model is proof positive of this.

MedX AirOne In-Network status decreases the cost of local business in conjunction with the membership program that assists our patients and communities. MedX AirOne is excited to make this NAAMTA accreditation announcement which will place additional focus on patients first in all that we do. MedX AirOne is honored and proud to serve the citizens of Northern Nevada.

NAAMTA is an accreditation standard-bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures that include guidelines for developing a system focused on transport safety, patient care, quality management, and continuous improvement. NAAMTA is globally recognized for the ISO 9001-2015 QMS certification and the implementation of quality practices in its accreditation program. NAAMTA’s certified QMS is audited annually by PRO Registrar, an ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board approved Registrar.

NAAMTA has successfully made great strides in identifying key best practices to improve the standard of performance among EMS providers. Through a dynamic approach to auditing and an array of web-based reporting and learning tools, NAAMTA distinguishes itself as an accreditation source interested in providing services to their members and improving medical transportation industry practices.