By Minnis Alderman

Approximately two years (1987-89) in the Centennial Fine Arts Center, accomplished some of the essential “minor” repairs being done by Russell Rogers, Jason Everts, Honor Camp, Ely Municipal Court, youth group, choir members, various other volunteers, etc.

With the strong support from the community, additional accomplishments were happening as well. Winnifred and Ben Cope donated chairs for the audience. Motel 6 donated cushioned chairs to be used in meeting/teaching rooms. Dough Hawkins made available a new digital organ (tube organs were being replaced) at a vastly-reduced price. One of the choir members bought an elderly upright piano from one of the school district’s yard sales. Through money-raising and donations, choir chairs were obtained. (These chairs had to be “special” to prevent the choir members from “slupping” during rehearsals and performances!)

During the warmer months, modern dance, ballet, voice, instrumental instruction were offered in the Center. The choir began rehearing in the Center on August 17, 1988. So the Center was vacant from 1980 to August, 1988.

Sometimes the electric heaters (portable) were not sufficient in winter months. Still very much needed were restrooms, heat, year-round use. The Center’s being used, attracted visitors to the community to visit the Center and also out-of-town members that had “grown-up” in the church. Plans for heat, remodeling of restrooms, and additional use were underway for the upcoming new decade of the 1990’s.