The Ely Times

Tuesday’s Primary Election asked voters to narrow the ballot of candidates for City of Ely Mayor and city council ahead of the general election on June 4.  

It was a late night for several City of Ely personnel who helped hand count each vote once the polls closed.  

There are about 4,600 residents in the City of Ely,  2,500 are registered voters and 738 of those residents came out and voted during the primary.  

This reported number of voters is almost double of the amount of residents came out to vote during the City’s General Election in 2017  

The following are the results:


Nathan Robertson, 374

Ed Spear, 161

Sam Hanson, 105

Bill Sanford, 96

City Council SeatS 

Kurt Carson, 439

George Chachas, 215

Mel Bahls, 81

Jim Alworth, 374

Michelle Beecher, 260

Geri Whopschall, 93