To the Editor.


Laws which have great potential to create more crime are very difficult to enforce and usually cause political chaos.

SB 143 and AB 191 are two quality examples that qualify for such confusion.

It seems our own lawmakers have no regard for our rights and are willing to step on our liberties with reckless abandon.

Thomas Jefferson had something to say about such behavior when he mentioned this in his first inaugural address in 1801.

And I quote;

Bear in mind this sacred principle, that  though the will of the majority in all cases must prevail, that will, to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate would be oppression. unquote.

Must we conclude that the true barriers to our rights are located in Carson City?

Mel Miller

Ely, Nv


Letter to the Editor:

The whims of children

Mothers often complain that their children do not obey and behave badly at home and at school. It would say that their children are misbehaved. How this situation has happened? The causes can be various, but we can mention some of them.

One reason is that parents have given in their whims or cravings, without justified causes for a long time.

On other occasions they are praised for any thing, so children believe and demand to be the center of interest of everybody. Even he can determine family decisions. When children are surrounded with too much attention and inopportune concessions, a weak character without willpower and unable to cope themselves usually forms. When they are not in the family sphere, these guys often have an excessive shyness.

But if the whim child has a strong temper and often falls in selfishness, he will try by all means to take advantage of others to get his whims. If he does not succeed then he will get angry and can finish insulting or hitting those who contradict him.

In view of these facts, parents often develop a feeling of impotence because of their incompetence to maintain the control. Because it is assumed that parents should control their children. If a child has a bad behavior, it is said to the mother that she should not allow it and she is considered as an incompetent mother. This ineptitude can cause a greater anger in the mother and she can lose the own personal control.

On other occasions, when there are visits at home, the child misbehaves on purpose to embarrass his parents and make understood that he is no longer a child.

What do we do in view of a capricious child? When do we need to begin to resolve this problem? As soon as the child demands an unwarranted whim, it is correct do not give in his demand. We will have to wait that the tantrum is over without losing the calm and maintaining a quite and steady attitude. Later, we will have to make him understand that his whim does not make sense. Parents have to have the strength to not give in the whims and should think in the common good of the child, which must always be most important that the paternal comfort. It does not matter make a good or bad impression for other people, because what it is important is the good of children and this is the key to education.

Arturo Ramo

To the Editor:

Ely Deserves Better.  Dingy facilities, high prices, poor selection is no way to treat the residents of White Pine County.   

Wendover, a town smaller than Ely, has a beautiful grocery store and many White Pine residents shop there.

If we don’t take action we will continue to live with a business that would not be tolerated anywhere else.  Maybe it’s time to encourage another grocery chain to come here. The local chain store would be out of business overnight. They can pack up their half-empty shelves and rotten produce and leave.  

The town will cheer.

Committee for the Betterment of Ely,

John Schwartz