By Cozette Eldridge,. Field Representative 

Spring is the season for renewal, so get caught up in “spring fever” and throw away ~  the things you no longer need or use, and re-organize your space. For senior citizens  these cleaning tips are for safety first. 

Are medications labeled and stored in their proper containers? Do you have expired  medications mixed in with the new? These practices can cause dangerous health  hazards. All expired medications should be safely discarded. 

Trips and falls can happen when you accumulate too much “stuff’, obstructing  walking areas in each room. Maintaining clear walkways throughout the house  should be a top priority to prevent falls. Move or remove furniture and clean up any  clutter that prevents easy access in your home. 

In the kitchen, remove infrequently used appliances from the counter, organize your  cabinets, create front spaces for frequently used items. Clean the refrigerator and  pantry of old, stale and expired food. 

Monitor your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Periodically run a test,  making sure the batteries and units are functional. Every home should have two fire  extinguishers, one in the kitchen and one in another area of easy access. Check the  expiration dates. When they expire, the fire department can usually recharge them.
Have an emergency plan in place. Program your phones for quick dial, if you have Life Line wear the pendent at all times. Keep important papers in a locked, fireproof container in a place that can be removed easily from the home. Put together an emergency kit with a flashlight and batteries, wound and medical supplies, protein bars, a current medication list and names and phone numbers of family or friends to contact. Check and restock it twice yearly. F or seniors with reduced strength or mobility challenges, doing housework chores may seem like a monumental task. Ask family and friends if they can lend a helping hand. Have a list of names and phone numbers of housekeepers, plumbers, electricians and handymen when you need professional help. 


MON. Baked Chicken, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables, Bread, Applesauce

TUES. Salisbury Steak, Noodles/Onions/Gravy, Vegetables, Fruit 

WED. Taco Salad/Shell, Lettuce/Tomato/Onions/Sour Cream/Salsa, Carrots, Fruit 

THURS. Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Vegetables, Fruit 

FRI. Pollack Creole, Baked Potato, Sour Cream, Salad, Bread, Orange Jello/Orange