This Ely home is an example of one that was cited for cleanup.

The Ely Times

A visual appealing community increases property value and attracts businesses and improves a neighborhood’s image. 

But what happens when there are several homes with cars parked in the front yards, a large accumulation of trash and weeds that are severely overgrown on a property? 

The City of Ely issues a notice and order to ensure that problem is fixed.  

Ely City Code 4-3-2 requires all property owners to remove any and all weeds, debris or other offensive matter from the property within 30 days of the notice.  

The notice was published this week. 

The accumulation of garbage and refuse violates city code as a public nuisance that can attract rodents and flies.  

This isn’t anything new. This same issue  arose exactly a year ago. The weather warms up, the snow begins to melt and it’s a perfect time to get out and do a little yard work. 

A house on Lyons Avenue displayed several trash cans full of garbage, and beer cans littering the yard. The trash smelt so bad, you could smell it from across the street.  

What happens if you don’t comply? Although it’s not a quick process for the city to get property owners to comply, the city could request abatement of the property. That requires a lot of work for city personnel.  

The staff are tasked with cleaning up the property, then a prorate of the cost to complete the cleanup is attached as a lien to the property.  

The city also has the ability to enforce a penalty of $1,000 a day for property not in compliance of the ordinance.  

The deadline to have your yard cleaned up is May 12.