By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

It seems some things just go in full circle. It wasn’t that long ago that the grandparent scam was in full swing. I believe that people caught on to the scam so the scammers went on to the next scam to steal your money.  Well guess what, the grandparent scam is back and their hitting it hard. I have received several reports from our local citizens that they have been getting these calls. I personally received one just that other day. Well how does the scam work? 

The caller will call you on your phone and when you answer the phone the caller will state grandma? 

If a female answers or grandpa? If a male answers. The caller will not give their name until the person receiving the call replies with a name of a grandchild. Basically asking the caller is this —- (giving the name of the grandchild) the caller will then claim to be that grandchild. If you answer with your grandchild’s name, you just gave them the information they needed to proceed with the scam. The caller will claim that they have either been in an accident or been arrested, or need some financial help to solve whatever predicament they claim to be in. They will plead with you to send money or provide a credit card number that they can use to post their bail or get medical help or some type of service they need to obtain food or lodging. Don’t fall for it. 

Scammers really like to play on the emotions of people and will try to guilt you into sending them money. My best advice is to never engage them in conversation. Just hang-up. You can always call your family members later and check on their welfare.