The Ely Times

The courtroom was bare, most of the people sitting on the benches were there for their own court appearance. Maria Bliss was escorted into the court room shackled in handcuffs. She stood next to her public defender, Richard Sears.

District Court Judge Steve Dobrescu entered the court room, and court was in session. Bliss was arrested on Jan. 10, for the charge of child endangerment.  Bliss stood before the judge, and plead guilty.  

Dobrescu summarized the criminal allegations. “They charged you with abuse and neglect of a child, and they said that you did this on or about Jan. 9, 2019, you permitted or allowed your child Alyahana Bliss to be in the care of Colon Jackson after knowing Jackson abused Alyahana Bliss and resulted in the death of Alyahna in White Pine County.” 

Dobrescu asked Bliss with the respect of that charge what is your plea?  

Bliss said, “Guilty your Honor.”

Sears said, “Your Honor, we have a variance of the pleading.”

James Beecher, Chief Deputy District Attorney approached the bench with the variance.  

They started over. The pleading read that abuse, neglect or endangerment of child, alleges that on or about Jan. 9, Bliss committed or allowed a three year old child, Alyahna to be in the care of Colon Jackson on the day of her death after knowing Colon Jackson had been abused by Alyahna all of which occurred in White Pine County. Bliss pled guilty to this plea.

In the plea agreement it outlined that Bliss could serve up to six years, but not less than one year.  

“In exchange for your plea of guilty, the state is going to do certain things for you. They will move to dismiss all of the charges, without any prejudice in this case, they will not file further charges arising on facts related to this incident now known by the D.A. and arraignment of both parties will stipulate to an O/R release. Further it says that at the time of sentencing, the state will recommend probation,” Dobrescu explained to Bliss. 

The plea also stated that Bliss would be required to testify truthfully in the preliminary, trial, hearing and any other hearings requiring  her testimony in the prosecution of Colon Jackson.   

Dobrescu questioned Bliss if she been intimidated or placed in fear of making her plead guilty?

Bliss, said, “No, your Honor.” 

Bliss was asked to stand up and explain to the judge what happened on our about Jan. 9.  Bliss said, “He gave ‘noogies’ to her daughter Alyahna Bliss and I told him to stop and therefore I allowed it to happen.” 

Dobrescu said, “So you knew he had abused her or been abusing her? is that right?And then you left her in his care?”

Bliss said, “Yes,”  

“And that’s all Colon Jackson, is that right?” Dobrescu said.

Bliss, said, “Yes your Honor”

Bliss’s sentencing date is set for Aug. 12.