Animal Control received notification on the morning of Wednesday April 10, 2019 of a dog dumped just north of the Dirt Works property off of Lackawanna Road.

From evidence present at the site, it appears the dog was dumped there in a large white trash bag. He was alive when he was dumped. He managed to claw his way out of the bag and died approximately 10 feet from the trash bag.

This dog is a pit mix, with white and tan / blue nose pit bull type markings. He was unaltered, age unknown. He was not microchipped. There were no marks on his body to suggest he’d been attacked by anything before or after his death. He was wearing a grey colored harness but no tags or other identifying markers.

The possible timeframe for the dumping of this animal is from Tuesday evening (April 9) through early Wednesday (April 10) morning.

If you recognize this dog, if you know who the owner was, or if you may have seen the person(s) responsible for dumping him please contact the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office at (775) 289-8808.