By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

My topic for this week’s Sheriff’s Corner is Nevada Revised Statue 484B.607, Nevada’s Move Over Law. This law went into effect in 2017 and provides a safety buffer for emergency vehicles that are stopped on the roadway.  

The law basically states that it’s the duty of a driver when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle which is stopped and using flashing lights, the driver must slow down, be prepared to stop, pass with caution and move to the far lane if possible. This law keeps everyone involved safe, the operator of the vehicle that is passing and the person who is working the scene relying on those lights to slow people down. So far this year it has been reported that 33 law enforcement officers have lost their lives. Thirteen of those came from vehicle crashes. That number is staggering and painful when you know that it’s only through the neglect of others that theses crashes occurred. Even here in Nevada we see the effects of this. 

The Nevada Highway Patrol recently released an article stating that they have had five vehicles struck this year from drivers who have failed to follow this law. The law is simple. Remember when you see those emergency lights, slow down, be prepared to stop, pass with caution and move over. All emergency vehicle operators will truly appreciate your cooperation.