By Minnis Alderman

Having been vacant from 1980 to August, 1988 (when the White Pine Community Choir began its rehearsals in there), the Centennial Fine Arts Center with stupendous support from the community began various and assorted kinds of activities. After numerous repairs had been accomplished (and others still going on with the Honor Camp, Municipal Court, volunteers), the choir began concentrating on heat and restroom facilities.

It was decided to go with electric heat. A grant was awarded the choir for that project. After the completion of the heat installation, the grant-awarder did not fund the grant! At the same time, the choir applied for a grant to re-roof the kitchen and to up-grade one restroom. This grant was awarded by the White Pine Fair and Recreation Board (now the Tourism and Recreation Board) and was funded.

Completion of these projects brought about additional use of the center. Needed were responsibilities of up-keep both inside and outside. Bill Wilson with miscellaneous others, took on the inside maintenance. Virginia Mays (Kitty), long-time friend of the choir, took on the care of the lawn and snow removal, in additional to some projects inside. She also did much of the art work, signs, and program designs.

Remarkable recognition of the choir and the center, 1988 and all that lead up to that year through 1992 launched remarkable events.

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