The BLM is considering more Pinion/Juniper Deforestation in the Duck Creek Basin. Please make a written comment to them by May 3. 

Pinion/Juniper Deforestation, now called “hazardous fuels reduction and habitat improvement” (how Orwellian) is bad for White Pine County’s economy. 

First, this is bad for tourism – which is very bad for the local economy. Thousands of tourists drive the Success Loop and other roads in the Duck Creek Basin area every year. And most of them spend hundreds of dollars each on every visit. That adds up to some serious money – millions. And we all know; these tourists won’t come here to see where there used to be a forest. Two examples of what the BLM intends to do are the clear cut logging “treatments” along the North Creek and Berry Creek roads. They look hideous! And tourists are obviously not going to like it. 

Tourism provides for more than 500 jobs to White Pine County. It is becoming quite apparent that when it comes to forest eradication and the subsequent cost in tourism dollars, the BLM is not our friend. 

Second, clear cut logging is bound to lower property values in Duck Creek Basin. You may not care. But you should. This means lower tax revenue for White Pine County – or higher taxes you’ll have to pay. 

We who live here in Duck Creek Basin don’t want acres of chopped down trees near our homes. We see dry, dead trees as increasing our fire risk. Besides, when we moved here; we knew the fire risks – and accepted them. And personally; we don’t like being used as an excuse for deforestation.

Thank you,

Rick and Delaine Spilsbury