Sheriff Scott Henriod

Special to the Ely Times 

Saturday, April 27, is recognized as National Drug Take Back Initiative Day.

The program is coordinated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and is supported by most law enforcement agencies across the country. Henriod, “It’s a program that brings awareness to the dangers of prescription drugs and how harmful they are to those who abuse them, misuse them or dispose of them improperly.”

This coming Saturday the White Pine County Sheriff’s office will be participating in this program. A deputy will assist anyone who is interested in getting rid of those prescription drugs that you no longer use, or are expired.

The program is simple. Collect all the prescription drugs that fall into the category described above and take them to the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office located at 1785 Great Basin Boulevard.

A deputy will collect them from you and properly dispose of them, no questions asked. “Ridding medicine cabinets of unused or expired medications in America homes keeps our water ways clean, making sure the drugs don’t get flushed into the water system.” Henriod explains.

Statistics show that Americans abuse prescription drugs more often than any other illegal substance. Participating in this program also keeps them out of reach of individuals who miss use them or abuse them.

“The Sheriff’s Office appreciates your involvement in this program and also reminds you that in the lobby of the Public Safety Building there is a secured drug drop off box that can be utilized anytime during the day or night.”Henriod

This occurs twice a year, once in the spring time and once in the fall.