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Kyna Marie Pamela DeShane, 15 months old, died from injuries on Saturday after she was mauled by a dog.

The Ely Times

Fifteen month old Kyna Marie Pamela DeShane passed away last Saturday when she succumbed injuries from a accident involving a dog mauling.  

Kyna’s father Ty is a prison guard at the Ely State Prison and Kristin is a Licensed Practical Nurse at the William Bee Ririe Clinic are local residents of White Pine County.   The family has reportedly lived in White Pine for the past four years.  

The accident occurred Saturday, April 27, at a Henderson home near Horizon Drive. At about 7:50 a.m., members of the Henderson Police Department, Animal Control, and Fire Department responded to the 100 block of Appian Way, near Horizon Drive and I-515, in response to a dog bite incident.  

The dog, reported to be a Rottweiler, owned by a family friend. Kristin told The Ely Times over the phone that the dog had been around Kyna three times prior to this incident, and there were never issues, or any exhibit of aggressive behavior from the dog.  

The dog’s owner requested the dog be euthanized immediately. 

Kyna was transported to a Henderson hospital where she passed away.  The preliminary investigation showed Kyna  sustained life-threatening injuries. 

Kristin noted that they have a four year old rescue Great Pyrenees that loved Kyna Marie. “He slept by her craddle, her pack n’ play and her crib. No matter where that baby was our dog Buddy was right there with her. Kyna Marie would eat her puffs and cherries and as she ate one she would feed one to Buddy.  Kyna Marie never chased after the dog and she never went toward the dog she just did her own thing.”

Kyna Marie was the family’s rainbow baby, Kristin explained how she had a miscarriage in December of 2016. So, in 2017 Kyna was born.  

“She was so tiny and petite, and she would get so excited to see me when I got home she would walk and start laughing then she would fall down like babies do and crawl to me all excited to see her mommy. She know what time I got home for lunch and what time I got home at night” Kristin.   

Several White Pine County residents have stepped up to help the DeShane family with funeral costs and other expenses. A Memorial Fund has been set up at Nevada Bank and Trust in Kyna’s name.  The bank is located at 777 E. Aultman Street, Ely, Nevada. 

In addition to a memorial fund, a spaghetti feed consisting of a spaghetti, garlic bread and an italian salad has also been coordinated.  The feed will take place on May 7, at 7 p.m. at the VFW located off US-93, in Ely.  

Kristin said, “Her smile and giggle would turn anyone’s gray day into a ray of sunshine.”