By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

There seems to be a common problem spoken about at every City Council meeting and at several Town Council meetings in White Pine County. That problem is classified as a public nuisance. There appears to be quite a few homes in  White Pine County and the City of Ely area where the residence are accumulating rubbish, garbage, dog feces and disabled vehicles. 

The Sheriff’s Office is working with each one of these Councils to identify the problems and then work towards a solution. Both the City and County have ordinances that address these issues. Both ordinances allow law enforcement action to be taken against the person who is responsible for the public nuisance. 

The Sheriff’s Office will try and work with the responsible party, usually giving them notice of the violation and then advising them that they have several days to remove the accumulation of rubbish from their property. If the responsible party doesn’t comply then they will be issued a citation for the violation. 

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for the citizens of the county and city to look around their yards and homes and see if you’re one of the violators. If you are take the opportunity to get things cleaned up so a deputy doesn’t have to come to your home and address this issue with you. 

Spring is here, take advantage of those warmer days, be a good neighbor and let’s make our city and county a place to be proud of.