Yvonne Theresa DeForest returned to her father in Heaven on Monday May 6, 2019. Yvonne was Born April 4, 1953 in the Steptoe Valley Hospital in Ely Nevada. She attended elementary school in Ely and high school in Kearns, Utah. She married Jerry “Greek” DeForest on January 8, 1970. Together they had 2 children Shane and Shaun. 

Yvonne was a strong independent woman who had the true frontier womans strength and persistence.  She faced all things in life head on with a grace that many admired.  

Yvonne had a rewarding career of public service working first for the United States Post Office, and later for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Nevada Department of Prisons. Her expertise and pursuit of excellence earned her much respect among her peers and carried her to positions of leadership. 

However Yvonne was always a wife and mother first, and she prioritized her family above all other things.  Whether it was keeping the home fires burning or just keeping the dinner warm, Yvonne’s love for her family was always on full display as a wife, mother, sister, and grandmother.   She was a thoughtful and caring friend who would do anything for you, and a formidable enemy if crossed. 

In 2005, Yvonne retired after 30 years and continued her pursuit of life by camping fishing and traveling. Yvonne was a true artist, and she could create the most amazing and beautiful crafts. She could see the beauty in god’s creations in everything around her, whether it was the golden display of the Quaking Aspen in their fall colors, a beautiful buck deer, or a delicate hummingbird.  She was also able to bring that beauty out of almost anything she put her hands on and she had many hobbies.  Quilting was her true passion though, and she took pride in working with fabric of all sorts to produce a work of art.  

We will miss your musical tastes, cooking genius, crusty and sometimes rank sense of humor, and your advice and companionship.    We know you will be looking down on us with our other family members who departed this world first though, and it comforts us to know you are no longer in pain.  

Yvonne is survived by her husband (Jerry), two sons, Shane and Shaun “Murry” (Amanda) three grandchildren Cody, Elisa and Trace, brothers Chris Tibble (Autumn), Dennis Ogden (Caroline), and Victor Ogden (Angie). She is also survived by her beloved pet Bandit.

Out of respect for Yvonne’s wish, there will be no services.