Letter to the Editor:

Mr. Mark Amodei holds the title and receives the salary of U.S. Representative for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District, but he is no public servant.

Would a public servant instruct the staff of his Washington, D.C., office to tell a constituent, “Please hold for a moment,” and then put that constituent on hold for 6 hours and 10 minutes, at which point they hung up and went home? This was no aberration either. The staff had done the same thing for an hour, two hours, three, four. This was just the new record, established last week.  

Would a public servant refuse to answer every question – every single one — submitted to him for more than two years comprising more than 500 phone calls and more than 100 messages sent through his website?

Would a public servant refuse to speak one word to a constituent who has politely asked literally hundreds of times to speak with him or even his scheduler?  

Would a public servant continue to employ a chief of staff, Bruce Miller, who, annoyed that a constituent would persist in asking questions, said he was going file a false police report saying that the constituent had threatened murder?  

I have experienced all of the above and more. Multiple times after I tried calling and was hung up on immediately and repeatedly, his staff put up a voicemail greeting saying they were closed for Veterans Day – months away from Veterans Day.

I’ve complained to the Republican Party of Washoe County and to the staffs of my senators. After the murder threat craziness, a few weeks ago, I reported the chief of staff to the Capitol Police and filed a complaint with the ACLU. Nothing has changed.

I am writing to tell my story. Every word is true, no exaggeration. I ask Mr. Amodei to please resign, and I ask all who read this to contact him with the same request.

Just don’t expect an answer.

Ed Cohen


Letter to the Editor:

Recently, Julie and I witnessed several events that remind us of how great our White Pine Community really is.  I just wanted to share a few:

I was able to attend White Pine High School’s recent tour of the school.  I was very pleased to witness a school fully embracing the STEAM movement (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).  I was overwhelmed with student presentations of everything from hors d’oeuvres to hover boards to medical procedures to classroom practical presentations to plasma metal cutting, to engine repair and finally a performance by our superior WPHS choir.  I congratulate the school on a most impressive demonstration of hands-on student learning!

We also participated in Jason and Karri Bath’s fund raising event to support their July 5th Cave Lake outdoor concert and fun day.  What an unselfish gift to our community that we can all celebrate at our State Park!!  

And then we had the pleasure to enjoy KDSS’s Jagertown Country Western Concert.  The event celebrated their 23rd year serving WP County.  The Convention Center was packed with enthusiastic music fans!

We were also able to witness a very entertaining musical, Disney’s Newsies.  It was another of the Ely Children’s Community Theater presentations.  It was a part of the arts, athletic, spiritual, educational, outdoor and cultural events that we all enjoy.

These events are only a small part of the treasures that living here brings to all of us.  What a fabulous place to live!  Keep it up, White Pine!!

Warren and Julie Krch

Letter to the Editor:

The SNWA Watergrab Pipeline Fight is Back in Court

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Rural Nevada winning water pipeline battles with Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). However, we haven’t won the war.

Conniving developers and foreign investors still want to profit illegitimately off their unsustainable “growth is good” scheme – by stealing Central Nevada’s water and forcing Southern Nevadans to pay for it – with no concern for what happens when the water runs out. 

So it’s fitting that the Great Basin Water Network (GBWN) is again back in court to battle the SNWA and the State Engineer. The latest (very costly) case in Nevada’s Seventh Judicial District Court makes it clear that a cohort of State bureaucrats and “public” officials are quite willing to destroy rural Nevada by stealing our water. Without your help, they may get it. 

As a GBWN board member, I am calling on everyone who possibly can, to help our fight by making a donation to support our latest battle in court and our efforts to educate more Nevadans about what’s at stake. Please visit our web site to contribute and get the latest information: www.greatbasinwater.net

By supporting GBWN, you are ensuring that your voice is heard and interests are represented every day in the fight to protect our water, our law, and our future. 

Delaine Spilsbury 

Great Basin Water Network

Letter to the Editor:

I think the turn out that we had for the City of Ely Primary election last month was fantastic. As I said before it was great to see so many candidates signed up to run and it was even better to see how many people turned out to vote. According to the count around 735 people cast their vote either through early voting, absentee ballots or by showing up on election day. Just doing a cursory look through what data was available on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website that is a larger turn out for a City of Ely election than we’ve had in the last 10 – 15 years! I hope we can keep this positive trend going. So mark your calendars. The last day to register to vote for the general election is May 14th and the general election for the City Ely will be held on June 4th. Thanks to all who voted in the primary and come and bring a friend with you for the general. 


Nathan Robertson