To the Editor:

At the last Ely City Council meeting held on May 9, 2019  an agenda item 9-B-1 the Ely City Council approved the support for the Charter School USDA financial assistance application. One of the conditions to obtain the loan is “the certificate of support should include sufficient information to determine that a proposed community facility will provide needed services to the community and will have NO ADVERSE IMPACT on other community facilities providing similar services.” The loan should have been made from another source. If the school district continues to lose its students, it continues to lose money and then they come back to the taxpayers asking for more money from those facing possible 10% increases across the board from the city alone which can’t control its own finances.

Also at that some meeting the City Council spent a considerable amount of time discussing under what conditions tha they would allow a HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE to re-open after some recent violations at that business. I find all this insulting when the Ely City Council selectively enforces its rules and regulations against the people they represent and in particular war veterans or a Viet Nam war veteran such as myself. I can’t use my property or conduct business as others do. It all depends on who you are!

One Mad Greek

George Chachas