By Cozette Eldridge, Field Representative

A decrease in stamina or endurance is part of normal healthy aging. Muscle tissue breaks down, and visible muscle become less toned.  Muscles and organs inside the body change as well. Organs such as the heart lose extra reserves, so physical work can feel more difficult than it did years ago.                                                                              

With natural aging, stamina and flexibility are cases of “use it or lose it.” You shouldn’t overexert yourself, but remember that when muscles aren’t used, they break down. When your joints aren’t moved, they become stiffer.                                            

 Strength training can help offset an age related change in muscle tone. It isn’t going to make us younger, but we will feel younger when we can accomplish tasks easily once again. Walking and other aerobic exercise can help keep our organs functioning well enough so we can continue to enjoy our usual activities. Strength training and cardiovascular exercise also help to keep our weight under control, which reduces the workload on our hearts.                                                                       

There is an RSVP exercise program held at the Senior Center every Tues. and Thurs. beginning at 10:00 AM and lasting approximately 45 minutes. The exercises were developed for senior citizens, and build up ones core strength. Everyone is welcome, please come and join our group.                                                         

Activity isn’t everything; a good night sleep is important to maintain stamina too. At least seven hours sleep each night is necessary for letting the body regenerate so we’re able to finish our daily activities with ease.                                                                

  If your stamina is low despite your efforts at keeping active and getting adequate sleep, it’s time to visit your doctor for a checkup. Immediate attention is recommended if the change is sudden or painful.

Just a reminder; Rosalys Peel, author of Mike & Me will do a reading for our Java Music Club Respite program in the conference room at the White Pine Library, Friday, May 24th, 9:00 AM. At 9:30AM she will be in the library to do a reading, question and answer time, and book signing.                                                                          

 Michele Abrams, Founder, In Concert for Cancer writes, “Thank you, Rosalys Peel, for opening your courageous loving heart to share your story and journey with the world. Mike & Me is an indispensable companion offering crucial insights for every couple coping with Alzheimer’s, and doing so on your own terms with courage, grace, and endless love.