The White Pine County School District expressed appreciation for its incredible staff last week with the support of Reed Incorporated.  

All of the dedicated bus drivers, custodians, maintenance, technology support, administrative assistants, district office staff, principals, counselors, social workers, paraprofessionals, and teachers received shirts with the district’s slogan to “change the world” along with a $5 gift certificate to any R Place.  The district values its relationships with such supportive partners as Reed Incorporated and recognizes that the community support in recognition of the outstanding work educators do is so important.

The graphics that are displayed on the shirts are visual representations of the district’s vision and philosophy.  In the picture with the hands holding the soil, that soil represents our collective and individual “will” or desire to become world class.  The hands represent our collective and individual “skill”–the tools we use and must improve in order to put the “will” to work.  The plant represents the student growth that occurs as the “will” and “skill” work together and produce something magical.

The graphic of White Pine County was created as the result of a student contest in 2016 and is the work of WPHS senior David Nicholes.  It is meant to convey that White Pine is the middle of everywhere, that “all roads lead through White Pine,” and that we ought to have a sense of community pride as we work together to create world class learning in our school district.