To the Editor:

I want to address this to the people that handle the Nevada Open Road Challenge.

I work for Nevada Northern State Railroad Museum, (upstairs). I’m a docent and I have a lot of visitors touring the museum, especially when there is something going on in town such as the Nevada Open Road Challenge that happened here over last weekend. I spoke to a few of the drivers that were here for that function, some said that they were totally disappointed with Ely this year because they spent a lot of money to come here and bring their cars for the race, in particular, the Shootout that was scheduled for Saturday that was canceled, not because of the weather but because they were told the road was in disrepair, they also said that they would not be back again, I heard this from two different individuals, they feel the road should have been taken care of way before they got here, as Ely knows the dates when this function was going to be held. I told them I would write the editor and let the town of Ely know how they felt, one individual said “we’ve been coming here with our cars and we bring a lot of money to this town, but now a lot of the guys are not going to make that trip back.”

Here’s hoping that the people who sponsor this function do something to find solutions to the problems these drivers encountered, and remember they have another race here in September, The Silver State Classic Challenge.

My personal opinion …tourism is what keeps us alive, without that we’d have a very hard time surviving.

An Ely Resident,

Lillie Montoya

To the Editor:

At the last County Commission meeting held on May 20, 2019 there was an item to consider a contribution of $1,500 to support the White Pine Main St. program. I asked if the program would include McGill, Ruth, Baker and Lund. If it did I wanted to go on record that I didn’t want former Commissioner Carol McKenzie applying for funds to correct her improper sidewalk that doesn’t meet ADA code – especially alongside a state highway.

I asked the commission if they had opened any dialogue with the city regarding using the former National Guard Armory for the courthouse location. There would be a little remodeling, it is a secure facility, located downtown and away from the busiest traffic and highway congested area in the city. The consideration will save the taxpayers millions and there would not be a reason to borrow a dime – the county has the money. We know that because they handed out raises to some ranging from 15% to 25%.

The Commission continues to ignore my request for a refund of what I and others paid for a county business licenses – the Commission part way through the year rescinded the license requirement – and did not collect from anyone. We ALL PAY or NO ONE PAYS! I’m still waiting for the Commission’s answer as to if they have to sign a non-discrimination clause when receiving federal loans or grants.

Commissioner Bybee has yet to respond to my numerous requests in regards to the success of my attempts for collection of track rental fees from S&S Railroad while he sat as Chairman of the Railroad Board for approximately 15 years. He needs to account for the MONEY or RESIGN.

At the City Council meeting to be held on May 23, 2019 the city is to discuss on agenda items 10(B) 1 and 2 the possible approval of a settlement agreement with S&S Short Line Leasing, LLC and possible approval for the Mayor to sign settlement documents on that matter. If the City does not receive FULL PAYMENT and reasonable penalty and interest for the amount due – there should be no settlement – first the money THEN consideration. The possibility of malfeasance, non-feasance, and/or misfeasance has never been addressed by the City Council. The Historical Railroad must be brought back under City oversight. To date the Mayor as well as the City Council has yet to answer my question what is total debt owed by the Historical Railroad $700,000 or more?

These concerns and more need to be addressed by City leadership – LAME DUCK or not.

George Chachas