The Schellbourn Pony Express Re-Riders have been busy with teaching the students at the Learning Bridge Charter School about Pony Express history. We met with the teachers and students on May 7, 2019 and had a great time teaching them what we know about Pony Express in 2019 and shared some history with them as well. The students were attentive and asked a lot of great questions too.

On May 13, 2019, the Pony Express members traveled to McGill Elementary and shared our history and stories about Pony Express. The students had questions about anything you could imagine concerning 1860-1861 Pony Express history, horses, stations, and of course what we do nowadays for the re-enactment ride. The teachers do a great job in teaching the students about the history of the Pony Express. We appreciate the schools letting us come and share our stories about the Pony Express.

Latter in the day on May 13, we traveled to David E. Norman school and met with three classes of students/teachers and had the opportunity to share Pony Express history with them as well. Again, all the students had many questions to ask us about Pony Express. The instruction was given by three past and present Ride Captains, Tony Zamora, Gene Ockert, and Wendy Cobb.

On May 16, 2019 at noon, we rode in the rain and snow for an hour to pick up letters from McGill Elementary School and David E. Norman school at the same time. The riders put the mail in mochillas on horses and rode the 13 miles to meet at approximately the old Feed Lot building. There the mochillas were exchanged and the riders rode back to the same school they started at. So, letters were sent to children from each school to the other school. Reminded us how the mail must go through, regardless of the weather conditions.

The riders were Deanna Hoge, James Pritchard, Rebecca Mossow, Suzette Bradshaw and Wendy Cobb. Support staff were, Gene Ockert, Tony Zamora and James Mossow.

Thanks to everyone that participated and to the schools for allowing us to take part in sharing American history.