The Ely Times

Mike Kneese, Chairman of the Republican GOP in White Pine County stood before the Commission and discussed an agenda item on the County Commission meeting this past Wednesday.

The agenda item was to discuss the process to fill the vacant Commission Seat 2, the seat that  Steve Stork held prior to his sudden passing.
Kneese explained that according to the NRS, the party of standing of the person who died, in which case, was Stork, who was a Republican would be assisting  in giving input to the State of Nevada.
“Three people we suggest will be the best out of the group taken.  So far we have eight that have applied. They are all republicans, however it’s gotten to me, the county perhaps wanted to add to this list,” Kneese commented.
“I have no objections to it, the law has no objections to it, we have only gotten from here to next Wednesday before we sit down in this room and talk about who we want to pick.”
Kneese explained to the commission that if they have three they wanted to see go forward with,  according to  Kneesethey have that right under Nevada revised statute. ” The eight people we have, we have 3 pretty strong people and I’m pleased with them, we’ll sit down with the board and see what they think.” Kneese.
District Attorney Mike Wheable had some questions for Kneese. “Do you have the NRS you are referring to written down?  Kneese, replied, “no I don’t”.  Wheable, have you been in touch with the Governor’s office at all? Kneese, “yes”, Wheable, who from his office has reached out to you? Kneese, “no one, we have reached out to them and let them know what we are doing and they said okay.  Their questions to me was where are you getting this from, and I answered this is what we have done in the past, five years ago, this happened before.”
Kneese also commented that the Nevada Attorney Generals office has replied not to him either.
Commissioner Shane Bybee questioned, Kneese whether all eight applicants information would go to the Governor with recommendations and three from the party? Kneese answered yes.
It was explained that the appointment would be to cover the remaining term of Storks’ seat which is approximately a year and a half.
Bybee asking again to clarify Kneese’s answer, “all 8 applicants will be forwarded to the Governor”, Kneese answered, “no, he doesn’t want to see it, send 3.”
Wheable questioned Kneese if he had physically spoken to the Governor about this? Kneese, “no, my secretary did, he called her”.
Chairman of the Commission, Richard Howe asked if the Governor had a deadline, and Kneese commented that he wasn’t sure, “he won’t even answer my telephone calls. I did talk to him through his people, send the best 3 and they’ll pick one.”
If the governor told you to do that then that’s exactly how he can do that but I can’t find the NRS, – Wheable.  Kneese replied, “I can’t either”.
It was also clarified that the information that the county wanted to appoint, was never anything that was discussed.
Bybee thanked the Republican party for taking this head on and handling the situation.  And, putting out the effort because it is very big.
Wheable expressed once again his concern to Kneese on whether he had contact with the governor’s office.  Kneese, said “constantly”.
“I just want to make clear that just because we’re going this direction this does not preclude anyone else from submitting to the governor, ” Bybee.
The following are the eight applicants Kneese spoke of;  Dave Costello, Caroline McIntosh, Carol McKenzie, Laurie Carson, Jonathan Dishong, Mike Escamilia, Kenneth Magnum and Jim Allred.