By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

This week’s Sheriff’s Corner comes at the request of a local citizen that I write about a theft that had occurred in Ely. The request is to inform the public how important it is to secure your firearms and other valuables in their homes.  

Last week the Sheriff’s Office received a report that a local Ely resident’s home had been burglarized. The reporting party stated that an unknown person or persons had entered into his home and stole his firearms. The reporting party is a gun collector and had numerous firearms located in his home.  

The reporting party had been out of the Ely area for a while and when he returned he discovered the crime. The Sheriff’s Office along with the Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force has put a lot of man hours into developing suspects in this case and to locate the missing firearms. Several suspects have been identified and have been arrested for crimes related to this theft. Several of the stolen firearms have been recovered, but there are still a lot that haven’t. 

The Sheriff’s Office has executed several search warrants which lead to the recovery of theses firearms. This case will continue to be a priority with the Sheriff’s Office until all suspects are identified and arrested and all the firearms are located. 

As a precaution and warning to all citizens of our county, take the time to lock up your firearms and valuables. If possible place them in a gun safe. Thieves are opportunist. They look for easy and quick items they can steal and sometime sale.