Nate Laity gets in some practice in preparation for the Bristlecone Bowmen’s Archery Shoot this weekend.
Submitted photo

The Ely Times

Line up those sights and put on those hiking boots for the annual Bristlecone Bowmen’s Archery Shoot.  

A weekend of flying arrows, hiking and fun begins Saturday, June 7, and runs through Sunday, June 8. More than a hundred competitors are expected this weekend. 

Due to the weather conditions, the shoot had to be changed from the usual location of  Camp Success to Gilford Meadow. Gilford Meadow is located five miles off of the Duck Creek highway.   

Mitch McVicars, president of the Club, and Vice President Scott Laity reminisced about how long ago the archery shoot began.  

“I can remember as far back to when I was 10 years old participating in the archery shoot,” Laity said. 

There are several different divisions for archers to compete in. Womens, kids, youth and adults.  Laity noted families are welcome to show up and shoot even if they aren’t interested in competing.  There will be 40 targets on Saturday and 20 targets on Sunday.  

There’s also a very unique challenge called the Smoker Round.  The archer can only use one arrow, and if he/she breaks their arrow their out.  

The Elyte Cheer group will be selling breakfast and lunch, at the shoot. Breakfast burritos, coffee and hot chocolate along with homemade baked goods for breakfast. Hamburgers, hot dogs and chorizos for lunch

Several prizes will be raffled off as well.  Winners in most classes will receive silver and gold buckles.  

Laity said, “The weather has given us some heartache this year, making it impossible to shoot on Camp Success this year, but we are still looking forward to this years event being competitive, challenging and fun.”  

For additional information, contact 775-296-0148.