Mary Kerner was awarded the Elk of the Year award by outgoing Exalted Ruler Alan Lafferty for 2018-2019 last week.  Presenting the award is the new Exalted Ruler, Andre Paez of Ely Elks Lodge #1469.

Kerner’s accomplishments in the Ely Lodge have been many.  She is a three year member of the Order of Elks and has chaired, created and participated the Elks Veterans celebration and the Drug Awareness committee with emphasis on the Red Ribbon Week.  Kerner shared the Veterans Day celebration with her husband Curtis and with the Drug Awareness Chairman was the driving force behind the success of the Drug Awareness committee and the Red Ribbon week in October.  Kerner is also in charge of the Elks social media and keeps White Pine County current on the Ely Lodge’s events and affairs.  Kerner is a valued member of Ely Elks  Lodge and is highly deserving of the Elk of the Year award.