By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

These last few weeks have brought some really interesting weather to Ely, or should I say across the state of Nevada. I can’t remember when, if ever, I have seen it rain for so many days in a row. As dry as it can be some years, I guess we should all be grateful. Unfortunately, with the amount of rain we have received, it has left our unpaved county roads in really bad shape.  They have pretty much just turned into mud bogs.

This last week, the Sheriff’s Office has received at least four reports of individuals driving their vehicles out onto these roads and becoming stuck. Some of them have ended up spending the night in their vehicles before walking to an area where they could get cell service. Tow truck drivers have attempted to assist them, but have also either gotten their vehicles stuck or have been unable to assist due to the road conditions.  The Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue has been called on several times to assist these individuals. They have used UTV’S to reach them and transport them back to Ely, leaving their vehicles there until dryer weather.

With that said, it’s time to put that good old common sense to work. Try and avoid those roads that are going to get you into trouble. It not only is going to be a situation that you wished would have never happened, but it is also going to damage the roadways. When you sink into the mud with your vehicle tires it’s going to leave some pretty good ruts. Remember to take your cell phone, food, water and warm clothes or a blanket with you if you persist in going and always tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back. And last but not least, be willing to leave your vehicle stuck there for who knows how long until the road is dry enough to get it out. If I could give you one word of advice it would be just wait a few weeks and things will dry up. Remember, we live in the high mountain desert.