District Court

May 20, 2019

OCTAVIA NICHOLE COURSE: Guilty of unlawful taking of a motor vehicle. Court orders $100 fine, 24 days White Pine County Jail with credit for time served for 24 days, $25 AA, $3 GMA fee. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

JASON C. LASSLEY: Guilty of possession of a controlled substance not for sale, a Category D felony by virtue of the guilty please conviction from the jury on Feb. 13, 2019. Court orders 208 days credit for time served. $25 AA fee, $3 GMA fee, $50 Forensic fee. Possession for Controlled Substance not for sale: 12-36 months NDOC, Habitual Criminal Enhancement: dismissed. Court will make the recommendation for defendant to be paroled into the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

BRIANA NICHOLE HARMON: Probation violation. Court orders revoke diversion and impose sentence. Defendant is guilty of Unlawful passions of a controlled substance, 12-32 months NDOC, revoke probation. Court recommends first eligibility of parole that defendant is released. 60 days credit for time served. Judge Steve L. Dobrescu presiding.

June 3, 2019

JOSHUA MUIR: Court order 425 AA fee, $3 GMA fee, $35 domestic violence fee. Six months White Pine County Jail, suspended, placed on Probation not to exceed 2 years. Defendant is to take an Anger Management class, defendant will be allowed to enter a gaming establishment, will have no curfew unless imposed by Parole and Probation. $350 PSI fee, two days White Pine County Jail with credit for the served of 2 days. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding.

VICTOR MCQUEEN JR.: Guilty of Driving Under the Influence. Court orders $25 AA, $60 Chemical Analysis fee, $3 GMA fee. Outpatient individual counseling once a week for first six months, AA twice a week. Defendant must drug test on the color blue, $50 a month to White Pine County Treasure for drug testing. Status hearings every 30 days, breath intoxilyzer must be installed in vehicle for 12 months and checked every 90 days. Residential confinement for six months. Court orders the defendant to $30 PSI fee, defendant to pay $750 fine. Judge Gary D. Fairman presiding