The Ely Shoshone Tribe and TSAA Nesunkwa presented the Boys & Girls Club of White Pine with a donation. This is the second time that the tribe and dispensary have made a donation to the Boys & Girls Club in just one year.

Samantha Elliott, area coordinator was thrilled to receive the donation.”With all the opportunities we are providing this summer, and school year, this is helping the over 350 members we serve out here. Last year we we’re serving over 120 kids daily between our four sites.  

We want to expand, we want to do more, and this is going to help us make that happen.” Cassandra Dittus, Co-Founder and President of Tribal Cannabis Consulting, noted that the continuing donations to greater White Pine community as well as the various programs they support with the tribes is very important. “We want to make sure people see the beneficial impact that a program like the Ely Shoshone’s Tribal marijuana program can do, and especially in a community this size.  

We’ve been able to give back through excise taxes through the city, continuing the donations with the Boys and girls club and other food, clothes and book drives to make sure that we are a really beneficial, and impractical entity in the community.”

The Club will use the money for education on prevention programs and  general information.  They will also be able to fund programs such as Positive Action and SMART Moves.

“We are just so happy to be able to do something for our community.  We are community members, as we are tribal members, and to be able to give donations like this… because our kids participate in the Boys and Girls Club too. We just want to be active, giving, and give back, and partner with our community.  Diana Buckner, Chairwoman of the Ely Shoshone Tribe said.