KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
The McGill pool was drained and fresh sand was placed in the pool.

The Ely Times

Staff arrived to the McGill pool last Saturday to open the pool for business, and noticed water gushing down a hill above the McGill pool. Several locals were reporting that steer manure and other waste items were running into the pool. 

Kristi Rozich, director for White Pine Aquatics. said there was a water line break on the Kennecott property that caused soil and sand to loosen and slide into the McGill Pool area. Staff immediately closed the pool due to safety concerns.  

White Pine County Commissioner, Richard Howe was reached for comment, but did not respond. 

The pool was drained and Kennecott, owners of the property above the pool, began excavating the dirt and sand from the pool early Monday morning. Fresh sand was placed in the pool and smoothed out by Monday afternoon.   

The Nevada Division of Forestry along with inmates from the honor camp arrived Tuesday to complete additional cleaning, such as wiping down all of the ladders and chairs, and assisting pool staff with placing pool items around the pool. 

The pool was filled back up on Wednesday, and the pool is slated to open Thursday, June 13. 

The McGill pool has been a piece of history for White Pine County that dates back to 1930. The natural warm pool is fed by a spring nearby.