By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSO

Last week I was taking to a friend of mine that asked if I could address the issue of drivers not using their turn signals in the next Sheriff’s Corner. She stated that she has observed numerous vehicles being operated and the drivers never use their turn signals when they are changing lanes or making a turn. She stated that she is very concerned that this could cause an accident. As I was giving this some thought I was wondering if Nevada residents had to retake their driver’s tests right now, how many would pass? If a DMV employee got into your vehicle right now with their clipboard and score sheet to re-test you, knowing if you failed you would lose that license, how many drivers would change the way they operate their vehicle? Would you slow down and obey the speed limit? Would you use your turn signals? Could you not use your cell phone while driving?  Could you parallel park? Would you look over your shoulder when you were backing up, or just use your back up camera? Would you wear your seatbelt?  When making a turn would you maintain your lane of travel or cut the corner? Would you come to a complete stop at that stop sign?  These are just a few of the things that you would be scored on to see if you would be allowed to keep that driver’s license. Think about it, complacency can take over when you’re driving which can lead to some pretty bad habits and consequences  Maybe it’s time to do a self-evaluation, remembering back to when you took that drivers test and how careful you were so you could obtain that freedom to drive. Its every driver’s responsibility to operate your vehicle in the safest was possible.