By Marietta Henry

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Jesus Canales. 

Jesus was the leading jockey at White Pine Horse Races for the last two years.  He has also been the Leading Rider at Elko County Fair, Pocatello, Idaho, and Idaho Falls, and Utah Quarter Horse Racing.

Canales was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and moved to Delta, Utah, permanently when he was 15 years old.   In high school, he was a wrestler, but in his spare time he would ride his uncle’s horses.  Jere Brinkerhoff, who races and trains horses, took notice of him riding in Match Races, and offered him a job, and eventually as a partner, and the rest is history.  They formed BC Racing Stables located in Fillmore, Utah, where they train and race quarter horses and thoroughbreds.

Being a jockey can have its shortcomings.  Jesus has had a dislocated shoulder that required surgery, and a torn meniscus in his knee for a surgical procedure.

I remember Jesus coming to Ely, he was young and good looking, and naturally garnished a lot of attention.

As a result, I was deluged with inquires about his martial status.  Jesus got very lucky, because 5 years ago he met Savana Schilling at the Elko Races.  They have two beautiful daughters, Lily (4 years old) and Bella (15 months).  

Bella was born with heart issues, which they didn’t recognize in the very beginning.  When diagnosed, the Doctors informed Jesus and Savana, that she’d eventually require Open Heart Surgery.  Surgery was performed, and she is now a healthy little girl.

Savana describes Jesus best, “He’s selfless and hard-working.  It was particularly hard on him with Lily at his Mother’s in Delta, and myself and Bella in Salt Lake City at Primary Children’s Hospital.  Through it all he remained strong and positive, and never complained”.

Happy Trails to you, and hope to see you at the races this year!